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All properties whether small or large can be made to look their very best, clean and refreshed. No matter what the time of year all properties should be presented to the highest standard. Allow Paxtons to achieve this for you, we can ensure the whole property and surrounding area is looking its very best.


Clients are becoming more and more aware of the need to have their business premises meeting suitable visual standards for their customers and that of their employees. We specialise in ensuring Health and Safety standards are met for regulations, and to ensure the outdoor areas are kept clean and suitable for both staff and customers.

Roof Cleaning

There is increasing demand for high level jet washing to roofing. Both to that of Private homes for removal of moss, and discolouration to roof tiles caused by weather and pollutions, and to Commercial properties. Paxtons specialise in the safe undertaking of roof cleaning, prior to the quote being given our team will advise on the best method of clean and access to accommodate the type of property. We pride ourselves on protecting and respecting the surrounding areas such as neighbours boundaries and property, therefore ensuring the clean is undertaken with minimal disruption to yourself and that of your neighbours.


Paxtons use the latest high pressured cold water petrol driven Jet wash machinery.The 280barr pressure can ensure no detail is ever overlooked, the machinery will deliver a very high pressure capable of tackling the heaviest dirt and will make any area look like new.

At the same time of the highest power delivered, the machinery is also capable of tackling the most delicate of areas such as ceramics and garden ornaments.

Be amazed by our jetwashing service, call us today on 0208 945 3060 to book an appointment with our team to discuss your requirements.